Why should your company support girls in STEM?

By 2025, there will be a skilled labor shortage of 625,000 workers - and that's just in Germany. Since women are widely underrepresented in the STEM workforce they are an incredible source of untapped potential. How do we get more women in the STEM workforce? It all starts with the girls

What can your company do?

Be part of creating the next generation of confident girls in MINT!

#1 Employee interviews

Spotlight your female employees with interviews. We'll come to your office, you can come to us, or we can do them online. 

#2 Sponsor a workshop

Sponsor a workshop or a video that covers a topic from your company.

#3 Host a workshop

Host an in-person workshop at your office.

What people think about working with us

"By working with MINTy Girls I met an incredible group of women and professionals who encouraged Ecuadorian girls to discover and learn about the science of volcanoes. The girls were highly motivated through a workshop provided in Loja-Ecuador to consider a future career in STEM. Thanks a lot for this opportunity!" 
Mercedes, CEO of Empowered Citizens Organization
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