Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from the platform? 

Inspiration, motivation, and fun! On the platform, you can expect to find resources to make the work of teachers easier. You will find lesson plans with hands-on activities, webinars, and interview videos with STEM professionals. All of our products include our gender-responsive methodology to increase the engagement of girls while still benefiting ALL students. 

Who can access the platform?

Our platform can be purchased by schools or governmental bodies. Corporations can also sponsor schools to get our resources for free. Once a school has a subscription, teachers can access the platform to access webinars, lesson plans, or interview videos. 

I am an interested teacher. Can I join before the school does?

Yes! Let's talk and arrange a free trial of the platform. Contact us at

Who creates the educational content? 

The platform content is developed by our team with advice from teachers from the US and Germany. We also follow the national and regional education guidelines and topics.

Is the content only STEM-related? 

Some of it, yes. Our lesson plans with hands-on activities are meant to be used by STEM teachers. However, our webinars can be used by all teachers in the school. 

For what grades are your products? 

All of our resources are for grades 1-6.

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